Direct Marketing VS Conventional Advertising

There has always been a great debate between businesses and account executives that sell advertising. Which is better; direct marketing or conventional print advertising? Does one pull in more customers than the other?

Is one more cost effective than the other? And what is conventional advertising anyway? Well, for starters let’s call conventional advertising things like; yellow page advertising, local radio and local newspaper display ads.

Direct marketing of course is direct mail pieces being sent to the customer’s home or business. Direct-mail marketing can also be in the form of those package coupon mailings that are often sent out. Each type of advertising probably has its place and its best strategies for your particular type of business.

Do direct marketing mailings cost less than conventional print advertising? Actually, for the number of impressions in the customer’s mind the answer would be no. However, carefully designed coupons in these mailing packages do result in a large number of new customers coming into your business; more so then an advertising display ad in the newspaper.